Pool maintenance and cleaning

A pool is a big investment which needs to be well cared for.

Why spend hours trying to keep your pool in the best condition when our technicians can look after it for you so that it stays crystal clear, sparkling and also healthy all year round, and at a reasonable price.

All the maintenance technicians at HIDRIS Pool Services Jávea have the experience and knowledge required to keep your pool at the highest standard of quality. They regularly monitor both the chemical levels (Ph, chlorine, alkalinity and stabiliser) and the physical cleanliness of the pool.

Furthermore, we also check the filter system and other important aspects of the installation such as tiles, joints, lights, steps, covers, skimmers, flaps, pumps, filters, etc., to try and prolong the life of the installation’s components.

We only use the best chemical products, all with European Quality Certification, to maintain a perfect chemical balance of the water.

We are aware that often the client is not at home. Our duty is to earn the customer’s trust with our professionalism on each visit. Consequently, in addition and as an added value to our service, should we observe anything unusual or strange at your property, we contact you as soon as possible.

Please send us an e-mail or give us a ring to arrange an appointment. We’ll carry out a survey of the condition of your pool and the quality of the water, without obligation and completely free of charge.

We guarantee a trustworthy and professional service, at a good price.

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